B.Com with Tax Procedure & Practice

The prosperity and the growth of economy of a nation depend upon its business, trade and commerce and highly developed industries. The modern business requires highly trained and skilfully young men. The commerce stream offers students a wide arena of career options that would bring them both successes as well as financial security easily. In modern economics taxes are the most important source of governmental revenue. Taxation is the method or means by which the sovereign, through its law-making body, raises income to defray the necessary expenses of government. The Department provides Career Related B.Com Degree Programme with specialisation in Taxation Procedure and Practice.

B A (English)

English is acclaimed as the langua franca of the modern era. A working knowledge of English is necessary for mastering all the fields of knowledge. The fruits of modern technology, science, business or healthcare is available only to those who know the global language. Globalization and liberalization again underscores the inevitability of English. Even, the campus placements and outsourcing relays heavily on English communication skills. Young aspirants always look forward to this mighty language. BA English course offers a wide range of opportunities. Optional Psychology and additional language German to BA English certainly will be an add on to build a better career.

B A (Economics)

Economics is the study of how societies, government, business, households and individuals allocate their scarce resources. Specialisation in Economics prepares students for career in banking, insurance, services and manufacturing firms, real estate, consulting, Govt. agencies and non-profit organisations. The department offers BA Degree Programme in Economics with Mathematics and Statistics as the complementary subjects.