Message of the Principal

I am proud of being the principal of the college in the name of Bishop Jesudasan Who was dedicated to the cause of poor and minorities. He was realised that the development of the community was possible only through education. Thus the college was started in 2017 with vision to educate the downtrodden.

You are entered in to the college with dreams and expectations about future, We are working hard to make your hopes become reality. In order to achieve this, you have to think rationally and prepare yourself for a better future with the help of teachers and others. Hard work is fundamental to achieve success. In my experience. I can reiterate that work is worship.

We are dedicated to provide opportunities and support for students who are coming from diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to help the students to become well informed global citizens with varying capacities to overcome the challenges of the complex world. Moreover, students should be able to understand the realities around us and develop as a grown up and socially responsible citizen.

Being a junior college, we have to overcome a lot of hurdles to reach our desired goals. As a centre of excellence, we need to mould good teachers, social workers, Scientists, civil servants / officers, journalists, judges, and the like Thus we can play a key role towards the national development.

The mission of the college is to impart knowledge to the young citizens and let know that only through education the development is possible. Our aim is to develop this institution as a centre of excellence and this raise the reputation of the college. I believe that the Almighty help as to reach this institution in the zenith of glory.